I started this blog a while back, but sadly I got so distracted by other things that I neglected writing daily. So I deleted my few random unorganized entries and decided to start from scratch, vowing  to dedicate more time to keep it updated and more organized. So as much as I struggle with this part, here is my brief introduction……. again.

My name is Kelly, and I am a current art graduate with a degree in time based media, however my final years in college introduced me to my true passion, which is sculpting. However while sculpture is often my main focus  I never limit myself, and I am always experimenting with different mediums. I tend to get bored a little easy, (I am a gemini) so to keep life interesting, you will often find me working with new techniques,mediums, and subject matter, as well as several simultaneous projects. You will also find me sewing costumes (I love to cosplay), making jewelry, painting (both traditionally and digitally), working on photography,  and sometimes short experimental films, however the majority of this blog will focus on sculpting and my new passion for ball jointed dolls, which after months and months of trial and error,  I have finally begun to understand. As for my inspirations and style, I tend to stick to subject matter that is surreal, and somewhat dark however that is not ALWAYS the case. My inspiration will often stem from fairytales, mythology, religion, my dreams (which I record regularly), and pretty much anything that I am reading, watching or interested in at the moment.

Since this is an introduction, I figured this is a good time to share a few samples of my works. Feel free to check out my gallery and offer critiques, suggestions or advice. I am always looking to meet new artists so please feel free to introduce yourself , and share your artworks as well. Hope you enjoy!

polymer clay

gothic queen

digital painting

the ceremony

Polymer clay cernit sculpture

Mad as a March Hare


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