Mad as a March Hare

I had often wondered about the term “Mad as a march hare” and after researching I became inspired to make this piece. Basically March is the breeding season for hares and it is during this time in which they display a mad and unpredictable odd  behavior, such as boxing with each other for dominance. It gave me the idea in which the female held the dominance, much like that of a black widow, or a preying mantis. In the process of attempting to mate with her, she fights back, leaving nothing but spilled blood and a pile of bones. I guess that sounds rather harsh, but that is honest story behind this piece. I added the ruff to give her a sense of royalty and power, and I decided golds and reds were appropriate colors for the theme.

polymer clay/ cernit

Mad as a March Hare

She is now for sale on my etsy shop:

She is hand sculpted over a strong wire and aluminum foil armature, using cernit clay. She stands approximately 7″ high when taken off her wooden base. To protect her, she has been sealed in a gloss varnish.

ooak polymer sculpt

Mad as a March hare


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