Saddle of Thorns

polymer clay, cernit


Once again, I decided to play with the idea of human and animal combinations, as well sticking with the idea of danger and beauty. In college, my teachers would often tell me that my artworks had a way of attracting yet repelling at the same time. I really liked the idea of having an object of great beauty yet giving a feeling of caution, as if one is unable to touch it. In my final ceramics courses, I began using thorns quite a lot, often surrounding a figure or object, much like the fairy tale Briar Rose. It was basically used as protection. The idea has kind of stuck and I still find myself using thorns, or spikes in many of my sculpts and my paintings. In this sculpture I decided to use the saddle as her protection as well as the horn on her head.

She has already been sold so she will not be on my etsy shop.

polymer clay, cernit


polymer clay, cernit

Saddle of spikes


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