BJD 2…..Eyelashes added

I decided to give her real eyelashes this time and it was quite a struggle for me. They are a bit exaggerated but I think I like them. Hopefully the process will get easier. So now I just need to string her up, and the fun part begins!!! I have a pretty good idea of where I am going with this doll. I just hope it works out as planned in my head. Will post new images soon!!!!


bjd 2, wip



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2 responses to “BJD 2…..Eyelashes added

  1. Eyelashes, how??? I’m using cernit clay. What made you choose fimo?

  2. For the eyelashes I used mohair and glued small bits at a time using fabri- tac glue . I do use cernit too however I chose fimo puppen for these dolls in particular because I love their color Porcelain.

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