Shunya Yamashita costume

I apologize for the slow process of my new doll. Sadly, it may be a week before I get to work on her again. Reality suddenly crept up on me last week when I began to realize that I only have 2 weeks left until my next convention (a-kon) and nothing completed on my costume. To make things even more complicated for myself, I have chosen a ridiculously hard costume. I think that I truly may be crazy however despite my time limit, I am attempting it. I am willing to sacrifice sleep and overdose on coffee to get it done. I just love it so much!! So please excuse me if this blog now seems all over the place but I have decided that since it is dedicated to my art, why not throw in my costumes as well. If I only talked about dolls and sculptures, it could get rather boring……for me!!


Wip, shunya yamashita

So this is the costume I am working on now.  I absolutely love this artist. His name is Shunya Yamashita and his pinup style women are just so beautiful. For a-kon 21, I was able to complete two costumes based on his characters (Nasca and Non Non) and their are still many more that I want to make in future conventions. My Nasca costume, I think, is my most successful and my wings won me the “best craftsmanship award”, so I am very proud of it .



Nasca/ a-kon 21


So anyway back to my costume in progress. It is time to pick up the speed a bit. So far I only have some arm pieces worked on and the underwear details. I am not too sure if I am very satisfied with my results so far but I will keep on going to see how it turns out. If all fails I will just wear an old costume to the convention. I will post some more images as I get more done. I always love feedback so feel free to offer any….just don’t be too harsh!!! 🙂


arm pieces for cosplay


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