Annabel, my second bjd

My poor doll has been sitting naked and bald in my room for a little over a month now waiting for some sort of identity. I have been so busy with conventions and vacations that I have neglected my art a little, however it is now time to get myself back on track. I finally added some hair on her  as well as pearls and lace, much like I did with my last doll. I still have  more details to add to her but I am always a bit impatient and get excited about posting my progress.


Annabel, wip

Oh and I named her Annabel for now, however knowing the way my head works, it is likely to change. I was reading Edgar Allan Poe not too long ago and the name Annabel was fresh in my head and just seemed perfect for her……I have never been too good with naming my art so if anyone has suggestions, feel free to give me some ideas.


Annabel, wip


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