Why are nipples so offensive?

I read something the other day that REALLY outraged me and I am sorry if I am about to push some buttons.  In a forum, which I recently joined in order to help get my art dolls publicity, I read a topic titled “Nipple Nazis”. The word nipple was enough to draw me in. Although I wish I hadn’t read because I think it is absolute nonsense and I am one to have my voice heard  when something this ridiculous occurs. Apparently, what people mean by the term, at least from what I am understanding, is that if a person is offended by your image, most likely because it shows a pair of breasts, or rather NIPPLES, they can report it or flag it and it will be taken down from auction. I don’t know if this is even true or not but the fact that people were agreeing with this really irritated me.

First thing that popped in my head…”.Oh, shit, I am in big trouble because nipples appear in all my works.” This is really absurd!!!! It is a pair of clay breasts, for god sake. Don’t kids have naked barbie dolls these days? Oh yeah, I forgot. Barbies do not have nipples so they are safe for kids. So once you add that nipple, watch out guys!!!!!

What the hell, people….. for real. Are you really that concerned about a nude CLAY doll when their is porn all over the internet, and all over tv. If you are worried about your kids seeing a clay doll, I seriously think you should be concerning yourself with other offensive things they see. Seriously, why is it that in this twisted country we view the nude body as such a negative thing. Their is absolutely NOTHING offensive about a naked body. ……NOTHING, although  we are programmed at birth to see otherwise apparently. I just don’t get it, I really don’t.

This makes me think of an incident which recently happened….and I am totally off subject here. I apologize…I do this often.  I recently attended an anime convention, in which I wore a rather revealing costume. I put a lot of hours and hard work into this highly detailed costume and I didn’t think for one second it could piss people off….but it did. Now, this is not the public streets and anyone attending a convention knows damn well their are gonna be some costumes which are skimpy. It is no different than going to a swimming pool and wearing a bikini or going to a dance recital and wearing a revealing costume. It is APPROPRIATE for the occasion, guys. It is not like I am walking down the street wearing this. Well….point is, after the convention I had a girl post some images of the back side of my costume, which was taken at a very low angle. Well, not a big deal except she decides it is ok to call me a whore, and tell me I am  making women look bad and sexualizing them. This pressed a serious button because I am VERY MUCH for woman’s rights, and seeing the woman as a person and not a sexual object. Anyone who knows me, knows this is a strong belief I have.  I view the woman’s body as  very beautiful, and I have no problem with my own body, therefore I feel no shame in wearing a costume which reveals my midriff, and some cleavage.

We should not be ashamed of our bodies, people. Get out of this mindset that a nude or partial nude body is harmful and don’t jump to conclusions about people that you do not know.

Ok now that I got that off my chest, I feel better. Not that anyone reads this anyway but at least I got to vent……I should do that more often.  Haha.



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3 responses to “Why are nipples so offensive?

  1. Heh – my reply to horrified “why did you put nipples on it?!?” is generally along the lines of “what’s the big deal? – it has nostrils and fingernails too.”

  2. It has always been a taboo to show a woman’s nipple, but a man can have his out for all the world to see. I have found this quite backwards, but in a man rules state of mind – this is how it is.

    My only logic is that seeing a woman’s breast AND nipple would cause men to go sex crazed horn dogs. It is viewed as a sexual object on a woman, while a man’s is a ‘whatver’ moment. We see this every time we have the ‘white t-shirt contest’ – men just can’t control themselves.

    I collect original artwork and have plenty of naked women. Hell, my son was watching Dragon Half anime which shows exposed breasts when he was 5. It was his favorite for a while which I thought was cute. He didn’t care she was 1/2 exposed, he just liked the show.

    We all need to open our minds and see the ‘nipple’ as a wonderful piece of artwork that it is and remove the sexist views. Maybe once the evangelist come out of the closet and see how the world really is, this will change. But for now, keep’m covered – sorry ladies.

    oh ya, almost forgot – “Opinions are like assholes – everyone has one” 😛

  3. rob lonsdale

    beats me why revealing nipples is considered tarty but, hey , does,nt that head of state look fantastic in that low cut dress….???? in other words, expose everything but the nipple and you,re considered elegant

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