Digital Works

While waiting for my box of clay to come in the mail, I decided to open up photoshop again, and work a little bit more on some digital paintings. I am still fairly new to painting this way but  I have always been interested in how people could make such amazing artworks without having to use actual paint. I think it is perfect for me since I tend to be a bit on the messy side. Honestly, when paint and I mix we usually conjure up  quite a disaster.  I never feel like cleaning up therefore my paintbrushes end up ruined as well as everything around me. And somehow it never fails…..I ALWAYS  end up drinking my paint water!!!!!!!  Not to mention I am always on the search for learning a new method when it comes to art. I went to school for time based media, so the majority of my time was spent working on different programs and creating abstract short films that were heavy with layers, usually  lace, pearls and the color red. I decided I wanted to start incorporating that into my digital paintings and photography.

digital painting

Photoshop cs4

photoshop cs4


digital painting, photoshop



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2 responses to “Digital Works

  1. Never drank my paint water. Then again, I used to use acrylic – lol.

    I love your art as it is a direct extension of your modeling. It has a dark, but seductive nature to it and I really enjoy that.

    Please keep up the fabulous work you do i all mediums as it shows just how diverse you are 😀

  2. Hahaha. Yeah I use acrylic too but I somehow always end up grabbing the paint water instead of my clean water. I am a bit clumsy I guess. Haha.
    Thank you so much for your kind words. You are too sweet!! 🙂
    Do you have a facebook by any chance? I would love to add you to my friends if so.

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