Steampunk Inspired BJD

So I  finally have some progress to show on my 3rd ball jointed doll. I decided to go back to some of my old sculptures and attempt to make a ball jointed doll in a similar style. I am not sure how successful it is going to be in the end but I guess I shall see.  For this doll, I also switched my clay mixtures from straight fimo puppen to a mixture of fimo and cernit. I love cernit’s extreme strength and the fact that it is translucent, however I think in the future I will use a smaller amount of cernit since that clay tends to be OVERLY soft and sticky and is a major bitch to sculpt with. In fact, I was even thinking that once my polymer clay supply runs out I may go back to experimenting with air dry clay such as Premier. Lately I find my hands aching from all the kneading and carving so I think it will do me some good to alternate…….at least if I want to avoid getting arthritis.

As I was saying  (before I went off subject, as usual) I wanted to give my new doll a different look from my other two so I decided rather than using fabric, I would attempt to give her the appearance of metal. I like the idea of carving designs into the clay as well as using the doll as a canvas rather than have to rely on giving her a costume which tends to get  rather redundant.  I think that this is an idea that I will most likely continue to play around with on my future dolls.

So here is what I have done so far as well as rough sketch. I still have LOTS more to do, so don’t criticize her just yet. I hope she comes out as planned.

Steampunk polymer bjd

Steampunk inspired ball jointed doll



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3 responses to “Steampunk Inspired BJD

  1. Lori

    She totally ROCKS!
    I really love your style….and your faces are coming along beautifully.
    Are you hand-mixing your clay?
    I have a cheapy food processor that I use to mix my clay, (same mix as you) but Living Doll mixed with cernit is dreamy to work with.
    The food processor saves your hands and chops it into eensy weensy balls, soft & wonderful to sculpt with. If I have any left over, I just put them in an airtight plastic baggie.
    Keep up the great work kiddo!

  2. Thank you so much Lori!!!! Yes, I am hand mixing my clay. I will have to look into getting a food processor so that I can avoid stressing my hands.
    I have never worked with Living Doll but I will also have to look into experimenting with that clay. Thanks so much for the suggestions. 🙂

  3. Puppit

    Wonderful! Do you also plan on using steampunk eyes for her? If you like, I know 2 sites that sell doll eyes with gears and/or chainwheels in it.

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