Varathane….. best gloss ever!!!!

I have been working on a steamapunk inspired bjd for a few weeks now, however along the way I faced a new challenge. Giving her the appearance of metal was successful and I was very pleased  with her results however as I would learn quickly, not all glosses are compatible with polymer. I already knew this piece of information but I was almost certain that since the genesis heat set oils worked perfectly with polymer, then I figured the Genesis  Air dry Varnish would work as well. VERY VERY WRONG! Within minutes she was sticky. However, my worse struggle was trying to find a way to prevent the gloss  from peeling when her joints would spin. To my dismay, I had to file all of the pieces in order to remove the sticky mess and start all over again……..which is why it is taking me so long to finish this doll. I am now a bit discouraged of the outcome but being as stubborn as I am, I was not ready to give up on this piece just yet.

I had always heard about Rust oleum Varathane but due to it’s high price I never bought any. Plus I never really had the need for gloss since many of my pieces needed to be matte. After much research I decided to purchase a small can and  I must say that  this is the BEST stuff I have ever used. Seriously!!! It is very scratch resistant and does not make the clay sticky. Also it seems to add extra strength to my piece ….although maybe that is just my imagination? But really, if you make jewelry or need a gloss for your pieces, I believe Varathane  is the way to go.Keep in mind that the semi gloss and matte do not adhere to the clay like the gloss version does. I do not know this from experience but according to people who have been using it for years, there is something in those types that are not as compatible. Also make sure you get water based, and be sure that it says Polyurethane.

So finally I am back to work on my piece. I have decided that I may give her metal wings as well however my goal  is to have her completed and ready for sale by next week. So far here is my progress……and I apologize for the lighting in this picture. I hate indoor lights!!!!

polymer clay

Steampunk inspired doll, wip

steampunk ball jointed doll



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  1. Hello! thanks for the advise. Thats going to be my next purchase 🙂
    Just few questions about the varnish, how do you cure it? or how long it takes to get the pieces dry and set. What kind of brush you need for it? Does it work with hand painted polymer clay? I use some acrylic based paints before varnish. I would appreciate your comments. Thank you!

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