Steampunk Inspired BJD…..HELP?

I will not lie, this doll has been a MAJOR pain in the ass for me from the beginning and I am so very happy to be done with her. I have learned quite a lot from this one so I guess my hard work wasn’t for nothing. However I am still faced with one problem and if anyone has a suggestion or solution, I would LOVE to hear it.

I painted this doll using powdered pigments (powdered eyeshadow actually ) which I mixed with Genesis Air dry Gloss. I was under the impression that if the Heat set oil paints were compatible with the polymer then the gloss would be as well….however I was wrong. It made my doll super sticky and it scraped off very very easily which is something that is not acceptable especially when the joints need to spin. So after much research I came to the conclusion that Varathane Gloss was the way to go. Soooo…….I sanded all the color and gloss off my doll and decided to start over using the Varathane.

The effect I got was incredible and exactly what I wanted. No more stickiness and the gloss was beautiful and gave it a professional look!I  let it dry for days and after continually scratching my nail on it, it seamed very scratch resistant. I thought FINALLY I had  found the answer to my problem……..until I strung her!!!! As her joints spin, it is lightly chipping off the varathane. It is not bad like the other gloss I had used  but their is no way I can sell a doll that is chipping. The strange thing is that it only scrapes off  where the joints are (the rest of her body does not chip at all). …..perhaps too much friction b/w the joints?

I am so heartbroken because I worked so very hard on her and I absolutely love the metal effect that I have given her and really wanted to create more dolls in this style. Does anyone know a solution or  know why the varathane would be chipping off? I purchased  the correct varathane (water based, polyurethane, gloss) and I put about 3 light layers which is what the container suggested.

Anyway here are some pictures of my stressful little doll:


ball jointed doll



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