Works in progress

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote in this blog however I assure you that I am still alive and working. In fact my scattered little brain is going back and forth between working on several projects and conjuring up new ideas that I am starting to tire myself out. My poor brain never wants to rest!! I have a new ball jointed doll that I finally completed all the body parts for, minus the face and I have an idea brewing that I think is gonna be really interesting….that is if it comes out how I am envisioning it. That is always the challenging part!

body parts

hand made eyes

As usual, working on my ball jointed dolls tend to take up lots of my time. It is such a long tedious process that I decided to begin experimenting with other methods so that I can give my poor hands a break as well as give myself some variety. I love making ball jointed dolls however the body sculpting part tends to be rather redundant and as I may have already mentioned a million times I tend to get bored easy. Hand sculpting my 5th ball jointed doll really made me come to the  realization that I should really considers casting them. I thought about resin however I have heard the fumes are pretty strong and being the health conscious paranoid girl that I am has made me stray away from using it. I am saving up for a ceramic kiln so that in the future I can make them in porcelain. Sadly, it may be some time before I am able to afford it 😦 ……but it WILL happen….one day.

I decided to take a break from polymer clay and more towards Premier Stone Clay for a bit and I have to admit I am LOVING it. I hope this doesn’t sound strange but  I somehow  find it very relaxing and therapeutic to sand my sculpts.This stuff  sands like a dream !!! So far what I have it pretty rough and needs a great deal of work but I guess I can show it anyway. I usually despise showing works in progress when they are this rough so don’t judge it too harshly. It is still in the beginning stage.

Stone clay, wip

I also have another doll that I am working on however I will post pone showing her until she is a bit more completed. Her face still needs a bit of work before she makes her debut.

Oh and I also have two new ideas I have  built the armature for but so far I don’t have anything to show just yet. In the meantime here is a sketch for a bust that I will be working on. I will post images soon.

sketch idea for sculpt


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