La Reine Morte

While I LOVE making ball jointed dolls (and I do intend to make MANY, MANY more in the future), I decided to play with a new, quicker, not so complex  techniques for my dolls. As many of you probably already know, ball jointed dolls take quite some time (and much patience) to produce and the process can become rather redundant unless you are casting them (which I will do in the future). Despite its simplicity and limited limb movements, I am quite happy with my new doll and from her many new ideas have emerged. I still have a few things to tweak so that she can be seated in more positions, as well as have her head move from side to side but that will be improved in my next one.

Sorry guys, but she is no longer for sale. After one day of posting she has been sold. So exciting!!!

Check out more images on my facebook:



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2 responses to “La Reine Morte

  1. this doll is simply amazing! i love everything about her, especially her beautiful face 🙂
    Can I ask how much you sold her for?

  2. Thank you so very much Christina!
    I sold her for $300.

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