La Reine: Aelita

It seems a whole month has flown by since my last post and  I am quite ashamed to say that I only completed one doll since then. For some reason this month became quite a struggle for me and I found myself drowning in a sea of constant anxiety. My confidence level sunk  really low and I had this sudden urge to smash every piece of artwork that I had ever created. I often wonder if other artists have these moments of self doubt or if I am just losing my mind. Perhaps I take my art too seriously.  However, after much self reflecting and contemplation, I was able to pick myself up, dry myself off and get back to my work…..and very happy I did!!!  It is always so rewarding to finish a piece, despite the length of time, and with each completion I am reminded  of why I am creating art in the first place.

So here is my new art doll, similar to La Reine Morte (my last doll), except I decided to play around a bit with her corset and neck piece. At the time, I was looking at a lot of art noveau jewelry, which led me to the idea to do more intricate detail and design, as well as an ornate headpiece.

She is for sale in my etsy shop:



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4 responses to “La Reine: Aelita

  1. Wow. Your dolls are wonderful. And I don’t normally find myself interested in dolls. There is a ceramic sculptor, whose name I can’t think of right now (Cara something…), whose work, when she is using cast broken doll parts, has a similar feel, though your style is more refined. I like the structure of your dolls. You don’t often see dolls sitting in such a natural pose as yous has in the last photo above. I’ll have to check your Etsy for more pics.

    I’d love to get some info on your basic materials and methods. That would make a wonderful post if you haven’t done something like that already.

    Thank you for sharing your creations!

  2. Thank you so much!! I appreciate you taking the time to look at my art. I have been trying to find a way to create dolls that are more artistic, conceptual pieces rather than just typical dolls.
    I will definitely do my next blog post on the materials and methods that I use so thank you for the suggestion!!
    If you are interested, here is my facebook art page:

    Btw I was checking out your blog and all of your lovely costume creations. They are fantastic!! I also make costumes (although, not as good as yours) so your blog will be quite helpful for me. 🙂

  3. Your dolls are extremely well done…beautiful faces. I have set my art aside many times. Discouraged and unsure of the investment of time, heart, energy. It is simply necessary…can’t live without doing …creating. How blessed you are to also have talent.

  4. Thank you so much for the kind words, Lesley!!!!

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