Once again it seems I have neglected this blog and I apologize for the lack of entries. Sometimes I feel that I am just so absorbed in my own little world that I forget this blog even exists. I have been meaning to do an entry explaining my materials and processes, since several people have requested in the past. I promise that I will get around to this soon. In the meantime I just wanted to post a quick blog on my new doll. I guess I can still call her a doll despite the fact that she has no legs and will remain legless.  I guess she is more of a bust, or a just a plain sculpture (whatever you want to call her ). Anyway, I am still contemplating the idea of putting her in a decorative box or making her a decorative stand. I still have yet to decide.  As you can see I decided to use a different color scheme this time since I was growing tired of the steampunk colors (and also the small fact that I ran out of the necessary colors.)  Don’t get me wrong, I will create more of those in the future….but I have to give myself variety or I may go crazy.

So here she is so far. For images of more of my dolls/art, and more info on sale dates, please visit my Facebook page:


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