After working with polymer clay for so long, I decided it was time for a change in materials. I have used stone clay (La Doll Premier) in the past however in the end it always stressed me out and I would end up with an unfinished project. In fact I have 2-3 pieces sitting around my room that I will most likely never finish. This time I decided to force myself to finish and I am so glad I did because after giving it another chance, I think this clay is finally starting to grow on me. I absolutely love the way it sands so smooth and the way you can easily add or subtract. Not to mention the paint goes on rather nicely almost like becoming part of the clay rather than just sitting on the surface. And the best part is their are no fumes, no cooking, it is very lightweight and it is so easy on my hands!!!

This time I  have documented my progress so I decided to show the transformation from beginning to  end.

(Yes, I know she looks rather ridiculous in this picture. This is one reason I do not normally post in progress pictures.)

I am working in sort of a strange order here. I was getting impatient waiting for the limbs to all dry so I figure why not start clothing her. That is the one part about this clay I do not like. You must have PATIENCE because it takes a LONG time to dry.

Her limbs are jointed and can “lightly” move. I did the joints a little different this time so her limbs don’t bend as much as I would  have liked them to.

I will admit….. I am horrible with names and titles. It stresses me out severely. I ended up calling her Ravyn (or Raven) because of the black feathers and just coincidentally my Edgar Allan Poe book was sitting nearby and “The Raven” popped into my head….so I figured why not just go with it. (By the way, I love Edgar Allan Poe)


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