Nasca Cosplay

Just a quick entry to share a few photos of one my favorite costumes which I finally got around to updating for this years con. The character is Nasca and she is  based off the artworks of one of my favorite artists, Shunya Yamashita. I made this costume 2 years ago and won best craftsmanship for it however sadly their were several details left out due to lack of time. (Running out of time seems to be an ongoing problem for me).

This year for a-kon 23,  I decided to fix it up and add the blades which are attached to her arm armor.  I still have yet to create her sword, but I will complete that hopefully for next convention.

All armor is made with wonderflex (which is my favorite material to work with). Seriously, this stuff is amazing. This is my 5th con wearing this costume and with people constantly running into my wings, and with me constantly slamming them into walls, they are still sturdy and in great shape. If you haven’t tried this stuff, I definitely recommend it.



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2 responses to “Nasca Cosplay

  1. This was a really nicely designed cosplay of this character and the wings really are quite well done for this.

  2. Just happen to find your site and very much enjoyed. You are obviously a talented artisan. Glad to see you’re a WONDERFLEXER as well. Awesome effort on NASCA wings and those gauntlets. Since I’m from the development and manufacturing side of WONDERFLEX….it’s great to view your work. Have you worked with FOSSHAPE?

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