New Works in Progress

Just a quick entry to share a few things that I am working on right now.

Premier Stone Clay Doll. I am still a bit new to air dry clays and have only completed a few dolls using this material.  Sometimes I really hate it and sometimes I love it. I still prefer my polymer clay since I find it easier to add details however I love the way this clay sands so smooth and allows me to create larger pieces.

I was really lacking motivation when making this piece and I had no direction nor sketch so I just decided to experiment with her. This is all I have completed so far but hope to be done within the next few days.


After working with air dry clay all week , I think I am ready to go back to polymer clay. This is a quick rough sketch I did for my next sculpt. I still have a bit more planning to do however this is what I have so far. She will be my next project.

And last…..a new drawing, soon to be painted.



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2 responses to “New Works in Progress

  1. For having no direction on this doll, you seemed to have built something nice.

    I can’t say just how much I enjoy your drawings as they are so unique and so far from the norm. Everything you touch just seems to radiate beauty in a form not seen in the ‘normal’ art style.

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