Discover a Dollmaker Cover Contest

I usually don’t like to enter contests especially the ones that I find are calculated on false votes. You know the ones where you ask family, friends and friends of friends  to vote for you and they do so out of “love”  but not because they really like your work (if that makes any sense). However, I figured it wouldn’t hurt and would also give my work some exposure to other artists. I know my chances of winning are very very  slim since I am not very well known in the art doll world and I am up against some talented artists. But what do I have to lose!!!

If you like my art, I would love your support. Just follow the link DOLLS MAGAZINE and on the right of the page you will see entries to the contest. You have to scroll through several  of images before you get to mine.

This is the doll that I have entered:

Title: Ondine

Artist: Kelly Chehardy

Medium: Cernit

Thanks to all of you who really appreciate my art!!!! Your support means a lot to me!


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  1. voted and good luck on the contest :^D

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