My newest doll, Isabella. She is 23″ long, and 11″ when seated. Her body, arms and legs are all stuffed using a high  quality cotton. Her face and hands are made of La Doll Premier Stone clay. Her costume is entirely hand sewn, and adorned with pearls, lace, chains and gears. Her hair is made of viscose. The heart on her chest is an original design based off my jewelry and has been handmade using Cernit clay. All clay is hand painted , and finalized with a high quality varnish for protection.

I decided to take a new approach to my dolls because as I have stated many times before, I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. Polymer clays are usually my medium of choice however  they are so hard on my hands so I have been experimenting more with air dry clays. I also do a lot of sewing so I thought it would be interesting if I were to combine a stuffed doll with clay faces and hands. I think I will experiment with this style a bit more.

Sorry she is no longer for sale. She has been sold after an hour of posting her 🙂







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