For the past 3 weeks I have been keeping myself busy working on my dolls. Sometimes I tend to go through periods where I just can’t keep myself motivated or I begin to struggle a little with my anxiety and depression, but I have been fortunate these past couple weeks to have kept  myself inspired and focused. (Crossing my fingers that I can keep it that way).

I think what got me really motivated was that I suddenly realized that Halloween was just around the corner so I got the urge to begin on some Halloween inspired dolls. I spent several days focusing on creating 4 doll bodies that I simultaneously worked on for weeks. For those of you who know me personally, or have kept up with my work know that I tend to have a lot  of mind changes, and often things planned tend to go in the opposite direction, so in the end 2 of those dolls strayed away from the Halloween theme. But that is ok….their is still time for me to work on the other ideas I had planned.

I am becoming a bit bored with my photography and the plain boring images that I capture of my dolls so I decided for this one (and for my other new ones,)  I want to begin to take a few creative shots by putting them in environments and giving them more of a story. As an art  graduate with a degree in media I figured why not have fun with my dolls. I also hope to eventually make a short experimental film using one (or some) of them.

For Gabriella I just kept it simple. I grabbed some spiderwebs, some tombstones from the dollar store, a few branches from outside my house , and began building a little world for her. I plan to keep doing this for all my new dolls.

Gabriella is now for sale in my Etsy Shop.


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