Circus Performer

When flipping through the Art Doll Quarterly magazine, I noticed the next challenge was circus  themed. My first thought was to stick with my usual darker style. I  thought of doing a sword swallower, a knife thrower, or even  something from a circus freak show but in the end I went in the complete opposite direction . In my many boxes of fabric, I had lots of pink and blue tulle as well as other things that I found fitting to the topic.

I had lots of fun with this one, especially the hair, which is always one of my favorite parts of designing my dolls. I wanted this to be a playful doll so I went all out with the pieces in her hair. I individually painted some wooden balls in various shades of pink and blue, gathered some lace and tulle, and then added some various found objects in her hair. Their are several butterflies, yellow roses, turquoise yarn, pink bows, silver stars, and even a little unicorn. I had the urge to keep adding and adding, but I had to pull myself away before I overdid it.

For her costume, I individually attached each black strip to give her a striped corset, neckpiece and boots. I then added pink pom poms, pink trim, white lace, glass beads, and some pink and blue tulle for the skirt.

I wanted to give this doll some life so I created a swing for her. It was hell to keep her seated on it since she didn’t want to cooperate but luckily  I was able to get a few descent shots.

She is now for sale in my Etsy Shop.

You can view more of my works here.


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