Bride of Frankenstein

My bride of frankenstein inspired doll is now for sale in my Etsy shop

This lovely bride was created to be the companion of Frankenstein. However, when the monster set eyes on her face he knew that she could never love him, for he was ugly and could not compare to her beauty. In an attempt to keep her forever, he attempts to cut out her eyes so that she may never know what he looks like. He succeeds in removing one of them however she was awakened and escaped before he could remove the other eye. The bride, now ashamed of her own looks, continues to search for a soul mate to love her despite her flawed face.

She measures approximately 20″, and 10.5″ when seated.She is completely handmade out of Premier Air Dry Clay over a strong sturdy armature. She has been painted in acrylic paints, and completed with a gloss varnish. Her arms and legs are ribbon jointed and can be slightly posed. Her hair is made of black and white viscose and is permanently styled and attached to her head. It has been adorned with white tulle, black roses, and gold wire which I have individually shaped and wrapped.
Her dress is made of white lace, tulle and many hand sewn pearls. She is completed with a golden heart, and wrapped wire on various parts of her body.

For more of my works please visit my Facebook art page


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