Ren Fest Costume

I am taking a break from my dolls to work on a costume for the Texas Renaissance festival. I originally wanted to do a pirate costume  however my mind changed (as it often does)  and I decided I wanted to be a fairy…..and then it changed again. My boyfriend recently bought a unicorn horn for me and it sparked the idea to create a headpiece inspired by a dark unicorn. For those of you who don’t know me, I love unicorns! So I wanted to sculpt my own horn, plus I have a fascination with headpieces and have been wanting to start creating some. I figured this was a good opportunity. Yes, I know this is not official ren fest gear but I know that their is a lot of fantasy incorporated there so I think it will fit in fine. And if it doesn’t then oh well. I never seem to fit in anyway haha.

I wanted my color scheme to be black and purple, one of my favorite color combinations. After several stressful and  indecisive  trips to the fabric shops, I came across a lovely purple that I thought would be perfect for my corset. Sometimes I hate to plan things out because when I do, I end up finding nothing that I need, so  lately I just work with what I find and base it around that.

For my skirt I really just wanted something messy and layered and just wanted to experiment. I added flowers and beads and randomly placed fabric to my liking. I tore it off several times and replaced the pieces before I was fully satisfied. In the end I am loving the way it is coming  out and the freedom of creativity I have when making it.  I am even  thinking of taking a break from my dolls to work on some of these skirts to sell as well as some headpieces.


For my headpiece I found some lovely large purple flowers on sale. I created the entire base from wire, shaped it to my head and built on top of that. I sculpted the horn from polymer clay, and added black spikes. They aren’t as prominent as I wanted but oh well.  I added black tulle, and some glittery black fabric that I found. I added some beads, lace, and some trim. I am still messing around with it but this is what I have so far.


My corset is still in progress as well. I  have made several corsets already however I am still in the process of learning. This is my first time using Laughing Moon pattern and actually inserting steel boning rather than plastic boning.  This is also my first time inserting a busk, so I am crossing my fingers that it comes out ok.


Their are other things I will be adding to this costume however this is all I have so far. I have two weeks to finish so I will have the final result soon! 🙂



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2 responses to “Ren Fest Costume

  1. Good luck with your costume! I love the unicorn idea, and I’m looking forward to seeing the whole thing put together. I think Ren Faires are pretty inclusive kinds of things so a unicorn shouldn’t be any problem. Have fun!

  2. Very beautuful, you seem quite gifted with what u do

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