Dolls 2014

Finally started my first two dolls of 2014. I have to say this year started off pretty positive with a lot of inspiration and non stop working. I was greeted with  a nice high and for several weeks I  have just been focusing, staying up and  producing. I started on a few new costumes  that I will be working on throughout the year,  as well as two new dolls which I am feeling really excited about. For a while I kind of just hit a dead end and lost all inspiration so I am grateful that my creativity has started to flow again.

After going to Texas Renaissance festival in late November, my mind began to overflow with new ideas. I was feeling so inspired by the costume I was making,  the costumes I saw, the fairies and their beautiful glittery  wings, and just the  feeling of being in another world. I was introduced to a cute, cozy little doll shop filled with lots of color and magic. The owner was an amazing doll artist (Wee People Doll Constructions)  and her enthusiasm about the doll world really inspired me. But what really inspired me was the advice she gave me, “You create your own universe. If you want something you have to ask for it and the universe will give it to you.”….well it was something along those lines. She stressed about keeping your mind clear and focusing on the one thing that you are trying to accomplish. After that I felt that I had to begin pushing myself harder with my works, which means producing more, experimenting more, and not giving up on this passion of mine. Unfortunately a month went by. I ended up with the flu and then Christmas kind of pushed me behind so I got nothing accomplished. But finally I had to force myself get back in the zone, and luckily I am feeling confident right now and trying to keep myself feeling that way.

I kept thinking about this doll artist I met and how I was so drawn to her unique use of yarn…particularly as hair. It’s an idea I had wanted to play with for a long time but just never did. I have been learning to crochet so I happened to have a box full of beautiful yarn that I have been collecting and when  I saw this purple and red I immediately  thought DOLL HAIR.  Several images flooded into my mind about future dolls that I wanted to create. Since Ren Fest was not so long ago, I still have fairies on the brain (b/c I saw so many lovely fairy costumes) so  I was really inspired to give them wings. I will probably do a series similar in this style because I am having so much fun with them. Here are a few WIP pics of them. I hope to have them completed very soon. You can follow more of my progress work here.



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