Trying to Organize………

One thing I will openly admit is I am very chaotic person. I have no organization skills at all and yesterday I decided I was going to change that. I was going to organize my entire house….but mainly focus on my work area.   I was so tired of looking at my couch (or what once was my couch), flooded with layers and layer of fabric, my floor full of scraps and leftover pieces, my works desk full of random paints, scattered beads,  and jewels, unrolled balls of yarn and an assortment of other random objects. I realize I waste so much time digging and looking for things and create so much unneeded stress. Plus I had all kind of useful things that people were throwing out  (like spinning spice racks to store all my beads, old jewelry boxes, etc)  that I thought would be perfect for storage. So I took a break from my current dolls in progress, stepped aside and began to clean.

I finally finished. All my art supplies are  neatly stored and organized, and my work area nice, cozy and ready for doll and costume making.And as an added bonus, I cleaned my kitchen (which was just as horrid as my work area) and then my bathroom. It felt nice and I felt inspired to continue on with my dolls.  But then I was tested…….Relaxed, and relieved that after two days the house was finally nice, clean and comfortable I grabbed a cup of coffee, and began to continue on with my almost completed doll. I was going to finish her today…no doubt in my mind. As I am working I begin to hear a noise coming from my kitchen which gradually began to get hard to ignore and luckily to my advantage I decided to go see what it was. My jaw almost hit the floor as I discover the sink (which I had not touched once that day) is overflowing. HOW IRONIC after I spent the day scrubbing and cleaning. Non stop muddy  water pushing its way out the drain, all over my floors, almost making its way into my work area. I began to panic. I have anxiety issues so I don’t deal with these problems very well. I start hyperventilating as I’m trying to save my coffee pot,  coffee grinder and all the other items that were getting soaked. I am home alone at the time so I have no idea what I am supposed to do. I contact my boyfriend (who works very close to home) and tell him to come help. Plunging does nothing. We begin to scoop the water out with various pots, dumping it out into the backyard but the water is filling up in the sink, spilling on to the floor faster than we can dump. I call the landlady, who at first is hesitant to do anything but eventually calls the plumber…..who cannot make it at the moment…..(nor later that day.) I am stressing now b/c our sink is all black, and our floors that I just spent the day  scrubbing clean is all caked in dirt. Finally the water stops…..and we were advised by landlady to maybe stick a coat hanger in the drain to see if something was clogging it. Bad move….the water starts flowing again. Anyway long story made short, me and my boyfriend are idiots and we know nothing about dealing with this kind of stuff. Luckily his dad came to the rescue, opening some kind of pipe outside and stopped the water from flowing inside but rather letting it flow outside. Wish I knew that was all I had to do haha. The plumber is luckily coming tomorrow. Moral of this story : I am going to keep my house clean and stuff OFF the grounds. B/c if i were not home to stop this non stop overflow of water, all the stuff  that just days ago were scattered all over the floor would have been ruined. So perhaps this might change my habit of leaving the floor a mess?? I sure hope so. haha

But anyway this post was SUPPOSED to be about me cleaning my work area and maybe give some tips on how I organized things. I had taken pics of my now clean work space and was going to share that however I got side tracked with my overflowing sink story. Now that I am off track, I think I will continue this entry tomorrow with pictures.

Time to step away, try to relax with a nice comforting drink, get back focused and continue on with my dolls tomorrow.



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2 responses to “Trying to Organize………

  1. Daphne

    My goodness! This sounds a LOT like what just happened to me last week when the weather was in the high negatives with the windchill factor. My daughter and I had to move into my mom;s basement in December and all my clothes and dollmaking supplies are in this side room where the hot water tank is…,and the bathroom is right off that room so in the middle of the night I woke up to have to pee and there is water flooding that room where the hot water tank is and the water is dripping from the ceiling tile in about twenty different places…I panic…here it was there is a pressure release valve on the one water line and the water was shooting out of it. It took us a while to figure that out and none of us knew how to turn the water to the tank off to stop it….I ended up tightening that valve which finally stopped the water from shooting out of the line like that but everything in that room got drenched….including my sewing machine which I am scared to death to see if it got broke…..glad you were able to get the water off and hope the plumber can get you fixed right! Keep and eye on the sink until he gets there though….because that line kept leaking a little even after I got the water to stop shooting out….I stayed awake for 2 straight days until the plumber could come and fix this problem. Keep us posted!!!

  2. Oh wow. Someone else told me a similar story and this really scares me that these things can happen so easy. We live in a duplex (us on the bottom floor) and we have had incidents as well where water started leaking onto our floor. My biggest fear has been that something happens when I am not home and my sewing machine gets ruined so I understand your fear to see if it works…..I hope that it is ok. I am lucky I was home when this started going on. Could have been an even worse disaster. Thanks for sharing your story..and yes I am watching that sink like a hawk haha. Plumber should be here any minute now ….thankfully. Sad thing is I will probably still be paranoid of the sink.

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