Art Doll Quarterly Circus Challenge

Today I received my Art Doll quarterly magazine in the mail. It was so  exciting to see my doll included along with all the other lovely dolls that were part of the the Circus challenge. 🙂 If you are at the bookstore be sure to check out the Spring 2014 issue. Their are lots of amazing artists to see!!

My circus performer doll is still  for sale. If you are interested be sure to check out my Etsy shop. And for more of my dolls please visit my art page.

art doll quarterly circus challenge IMG_8179 IMG_8195 IMG_8197   IMG_8200







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3 responses to “Art Doll Quarterly Circus Challenge

  1. Congratulations on being published! I am a fellow doll maker, and I was just wondering how submitting to Art Doll went? How long did they hold onto the doll before sending it back? I’ve been interested in submitting, but I’m a little terrified about sending my dolls in the mail. How quickly did they let you know your beautiful doll was included?
    Thanks, and thank you for posting all of your amazing work for us to see!

    • Hello! I apologize for the late reply. I also was not fond of the idea of shipping my dolls so I I took my own photos rather than shipping them. As long as your camera takes good quality photos and you follow their guidelines you shouldn’t have to ship. I believe they replied pretty quickly to let me know it was included in the magazine. I hope this helps 🙂

      • Thank you so much for the reply! Its great to know that I don’t *have* to send my doll to them, Canadian shipping prices are getting ridiculous.

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