Blue and Green Doll wip

I have been so busy working on costumes as well as pieces for some local events, that I have been neglecting my doll making. I felt like I was starting to have withdrawals so I had to start creating a new life. I am getting back to the point where I am a bit bored of these dolls with stuffed bodies, and am ready to go back to making some full clay dolls (both in polymer and air dry) so that will be my next few projects. As for now, this is the doll I am working on. When I started this one I had the intention of creating a doll inspired by the moon, however as hard as I tried she just wasn’t wanting to go that direction, so perhaps that will be a future doll.  I was a but unsure about her at first (as I often am with most of my work) but after playing around with colors, I am very pleased with how she is turning out.  She now just needs one more hand sculpted, and she will be almost done and ready for a new home. In the meantime here are some WIP pics.













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