Rydia cosplay WIP

Less than 2 weeks left until A-kon and for once in my life I am almost done my costumes on time.

My main costume  is Rydia from Final Fantasy iv. I have been wanting to do my own interpretation of her character for so many years now but never got around to it. After shopping at the $2 goodwill I happen to come across a beautiful green prom dress that I thought would be perfect to cut up and use for her corset and arm pieces. This gave me the motivation to finally bring Rydia to life. All the stars are handmade from scratch using tiny gold beads, hand cut fabric stars and gold trim. I also used star sequins and jewels that I painted gold. All the beads are hand stitched and painted from brown to gold.  I still need to add gold trim to the leg pieces and a few other minor things and I will be finished  Also the shoes are not quite the shoes I imagined for her but since it is summer I am having issues finding some good smaller boots that are the shape I like. I had these boots on hand so I will use as last resort in case I can’t find anything else. I have rub n buffed them from brown to  gold and still need to add another layer to even them out.


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