Final Fantasy Rydia Cosplay

A-kon 26 is over and while I am feeling a little bummed that I work so hard on my costumes only to wear them for a short weekend, I try to remember to  keep optimistic about my upcoming events. Mechacon, although not as big or exciting as A-kon, is only a month away. I am working on a new costume (Sandstorm Katarina from LOL) and I also plan to rewear my Rydia again so I am happy about that. I believe so far this was my favorite costume that I have made and worn. It was such an exciting experience to finally create it and bring Rydia to life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted but plan to do a better, more fitting photoshoot soon. I always find it hard to get the best images  when the conventions are so packed (always people in the way or most of the interesting spots are taken). I absolutely loved Rydia on the stairs at the Hilton Anatole however every time we would get to snap a picture, a million people would start walking and we would have to move but I am at least happy we got one shot. Anyway, definitely a more interesting, magical photoshoot coming soon.

If interested I do have a Facebook page I have made dedicated to my costumes and WIP. You can find me here.


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