Hello! I am a recent graduate with a degree in art, concentrating in media/film however I have a passion for all types of arts such as sculpting, ceramics,  jewelry making, cosplaying, sewing, painting, digital work, photography, and writing.  My inspiration stems from everything around me, mainly, fairytales, mythology, religion, fashion/costumes, my dreams (which I record regularly), the dark and surreal, and so much more. I am a gemini (for those of you interested in astrology) so I tend to get bored easily so don’t be surprised to find  me bouncing back and forth between mediums, and current interests. I do not like to limit myself in what I do therefore I have chosen to experiment in as many artistic fields as I can, always hoping to learn something new.  I find life to be much more interesting that way!


7 responses to “About

  1. Hello, accidently bumped into your work and wanted to say the doll you make are beyond amazing! Stylish and unique!!!

  2. Absolutely love your work!!!

    Ilona xx


    P.S. You’re beautiful! Fantastic hair!!!

  3. anne marie miller

    how do you make these beautiful creatures?

    • They are all constructed of cernit or fimo puppen polymer clay (and sometimes air dry stone clay), covered over a strong sturdy wire frame. Then painted in acrylics and a high quality gloss for protection. 🙂

  4. Hi, my name is Victoria from a crafting blog called Crafty Girl. Your blog is one that I have looked at from time to time, and I have nominated your blog in turn for an award called Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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