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Gothic Victorian Chokers

I am working on some new chokers to sell at an upcoming steampunk festival in November. Until then I will be listing them in my Etsy shop. They are all OOAK, handmade chokers with double interfacing for extra strength. They have grommets in the back so they can corset to fit a variety of neck sizes.

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Headpieces 2013

I love making costumes as much as I love making dolls. Dressing up in costume has always been  one of my favorite things to do and for some reason I have always been drawn to headpieces….very elaborate headpieces.  I have only worked on a few headpieces so far and am still experimenting with methods and styles. My headpieces are by no means huge and elaborate ( like the ones I often drool over) but I hope in time they become much more involved.

Along with my dolls I hope to very soon start selling headpieces in my shop. Not only headpieces, but I would also like to focus on wings, chokers, arm pieces and many other types of costume pieces.  Here are a few headpieces I have made:

(I did not make the white horn….that was made by the talented Firefly Path)


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