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Victorian Dolls

Me and my doll at Mechacon in New Orleans. Both costume and doll made by me.

You can follow my doll art here and my cosplay page here.  I also have an Etsy shop where I sell both dolls and plan to start selling more clothing/costume.



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Sakizo cosplays (steampunk and demon)

I have been busy working on dolls and making a new costume so I am a little behind on sharing my other A-kon costumes so here they are.  As I probably have mentioned a million times, Sakizo is one of my favorite artists and I have cosplayed 6 of her designs so far. I keep telling myself it is time to step away and do something different but I keep finding new artworks that are just so inspiring. I have quite an obsession with  corsets, ruffles, and all the intricate details. They are just so much fun to create so I do predict a few more in my future cosplays.

As with all my cosplays, I tend to not be accurate but rather do my own interpretation of the design. I am not one to follow rules and often have my own vision of each character. Plus I like to work with fabrics and pieces that  I already have on hand  to keep cost down.

For more of my costumes please feel free to follow my cosplay page. You can also follow all of my art here.

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Gothic Demon Art Doll WIP

I recently told myself I needed to step up on my dolls, and push myself harder to perfect them, particularly on the faces. Faces have always been the biggest challenge for me (mostly setting the eyes even) so I really tried to focus on this one, trying my best to be as symmetrical as possible. I created my own eyes (using clay and sun curing epoxy) rather than just painting them straight onto the dolls and I am happy with this decision as I find it gives her more life. This is something I will definitely be continuing with on my future dolls. Another thing I experimented with, although nothing to get too overjoyed about, is curling her hair. I know its rather simple but to me it was exciting to transform pieces of straight fibers into beautiful curls, something I plan to do more often. Perhaps soon I will even hand dye my own fibers.

I am very pleased with the direction she is going.. I currently have cosplay on my mind (because it is that time of the year for me) so I was thinking about my last costume which was gothic lolita-ish, full of ruffles and lace and also had devil horns. I used this as inspiration for her however wanted the hair to be bright red rather than black.  I was also thinking back on  my recent  trip to A-kon where I got to meet Huang Shan (RingDoll ..doll maker from China) and all of his dark,gothic dolls. While at A-kon I had also attended a class on Victorian mourning customs and traditions and their attire so I also had that in the back of my mind when creating this doll.

I still have a bit of work to do on her, such as sculpting the rest of her limbs (yes sometimes I work in a weird order), creating shoes, working on something for her head and finishing the remainder of her costume. I may also add a few more details and beadwork here and there.

Usually I list my dolls in my Etsy shop, however someone has already contacted me about purchasing her, so she will not be available for sale. I do have lots more dolls that I will be making and will be sharing my progress so if interested you can follow my work here.

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Final Fantasy Rydia Cosplay

A-kon 26 is over and while I am feeling a little bummed that I work so hard on my costumes only to wear them for a short weekend, I try to remember to  keep optimistic about my upcoming events. Mechacon, although not as big or exciting as A-kon, is only a month away. I am working on a new costume (Sandstorm Katarina from LOL) and I also plan to rewear my Rydia again so I am happy about that. I believe so far this was my favorite costume that I have made and worn. It was such an exciting experience to finally create it and bring Rydia to life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted but plan to do a better, more fitting photoshoot soon. I always find it hard to get the best images  when the conventions are so packed (always people in the way or most of the interesting spots are taken). I absolutely loved Rydia on the stairs at the Hilton Anatole however every time we would get to snap a picture, a million people would start walking and we would have to move but I am at least happy we got one shot. Anyway, definitely a more interesting, magical photoshoot coming soon.

If interested I do have a Facebook page I have made dedicated to my costumes and WIP. You can find me here.

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Rydia cosplay WIP

Less than 2 weeks left until A-kon and for once in my life I am almost done my costumes on time.

My main costume  is Rydia from Final Fantasy iv. I have been wanting to do my own interpretation of her character for so many years now but never got around to it. After shopping at the $2 goodwill I happen to come across a beautiful green prom dress that I thought would be perfect to cut up and use for her corset and arm pieces. This gave me the motivation to finally bring Rydia to life. All the stars are handmade from scratch using tiny gold beads, hand cut fabric stars and gold trim. I also used star sequins and jewels that I painted gold. All the beads are hand stitched and painted from brown to gold.  I still need to add gold trim to the leg pieces and a few other minor things and I will be finished  Also the shoes are not quite the shoes I imagined for her but since it is summer I am having issues finding some good smaller boots that are the shape I like. I had these boots on hand so I will use as last resort in case I can’t find anything else. I have rub n buffed them from brown to  gold and still need to add another layer to even them out.

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Sakizou costume WIP

Taking a quick break from my dolls to work on my costumes for A-kon which is just around the corner (beginning of June) Luckily I started early this year so I have a good bit done on both of them. I am hoping I can finish them ahead of time so I can begin my costume for Mechacon which follows right after in July. Sure, I could wear a an old costume but for me the fun part of cons is showcasing a new costume plus I enjoy making them so much and there are so many I have on my list that I want to make….

I think this may be my 5th Sakizou costume (and I still have plans for 2 more designs that I really love…then I think I will call quits on the sakizou cosplays…maybe). I can’t help it…I really love her artworks although honestly  I am getting a bit tired of making ruffles…

So this is what I have done so far…obviously I am changing things up a bit and doing my own interpretation. I still have a lot more details to go…

Pay no attention to the yellow shoelaces lacing her top..it is only temporary…as is the black piece in the front holding up the garter belt…and the bows on the leg pieces will have some black jewel/pendants (like the arm piece)….and they will be attached to a pair of stockings..

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Dark Elf Art Doll WIP

Every year around March/April I start to really get into cosplay mode, researching character inspiration, cosplay ideas and preparing for upcoming cons. I think that is why I felt the sudden urge to make a dark elf inspired character. In fact, I also have several other doll ideas inspired by some of my favorite characters. Currently I am working on a Rydia costume from Final Fantasy and have been dying to make a doll inspired by her.

I chose to experiment with a dark elf after finding some old scraps of leather I had plus I wanted to play around with painting an unusual skin color.  I also wanted to step out of my normal pattern and experiment with new ideas. I am absolutely loving this doll and having so much fun creating her.  I think the idea of cutting, painting and layering leather opens new possibilities for my future dolls and I definitely plan to try to make more elaborate pieces using this method.

If you enjoy my art dolls please show your support and follow my art page. I post daily updates and wip. You can also view more of my finished works.

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