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Kitsune (fox spirit)

In mythology, Kitsune is a Japanese fox spirit also sometimes known as the nine tail fox. They possess magical abilities and often the number of tails they have will indicate how wise, old and powerful. They also have the ability to shape shift into human form, which is a concept I have always found inspiring. Like fairytales, mythology is something I grew up reading. Various trips to the library would result in a large pile of books focusing on Norse, Greek, Egyptian, Celtic and Asian mythologies. Japanese, in particular is one that always intrigued me. I have since been fascinated with Japanese culture, masks, costume, animation and theatre.

Instead of my normal ribbon jointed method, I decided to make this a standing sculpt so that I could place a lantern and japanese pipe (kiseru) in her hands. I also wanted to experiment with detailing the base which is something I have done in past sculpts and think I will continue in a new series of dolls.

She is now for sale in my Etsy shop. As always layaway is available.

Follow my art page for more pictures and updates on dolls.

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Goddess Art Doll Wip

Another doll that I am currently working on.

This is a doll that I had sculpted a while back, experimenting with my own handmade eyes. I put her aside and got busy on other projects and wasn’t sure if I would ever return to her nor what direction I wanted to go. Finally I got around to giving her some life and I decided to just play around and let her guide me. No planning, just playing and being completely spontanious. Sometimes I really enjoy it that way.

I had some leftover gold trim from a previous costume so began to wrap her hair. From their I began to see her as some sort of goddess. I then envisioned her simply in gold and white dress….

You can follow more of my dolls and costumes here.

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Aneira, Snow Queen

My second custom piece, Aneira (which means Snow in Welsh).

I was sent a drawing from one of my return customers who asked me if I could bring this to life.  Drawings, as well as detailed descriptions are always the most helpful when making custom pieces because it allows me to see the vision that the person has in there head. She allowed me the freedom to experiment and do my own interpretation of her drawing however indicated that she definitely wanted to keep the colors in silver and white, wanted the hair pulled up, and wanted me to incorporate ice both on the costume and on the body.  She then decided that she would like me to add horns and feathers along the skirt and if possible some form of wings. I sent her images throughout the process to make sure she was happy with the direction I was going. It was quite a fun process for both of us. I love the fact that custom pieces always give me new challenges.

If you are interested in a custom doll please feel free to contact me for more information. You can see more of my dolls here.

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Final Fantasy Rydia Cosplay

A-kon 26 is over and while I am feeling a little bummed that I work so hard on my costumes only to wear them for a short weekend, I try to remember to  keep optimistic about my upcoming events. Mechacon, although not as big or exciting as A-kon, is only a month away. I am working on a new costume (Sandstorm Katarina from LOL) and I also plan to rewear my Rydia again so I am happy about that. I believe so far this was my favorite costume that I have made and worn. It was such an exciting experience to finally create it and bring Rydia to life.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to take as many pictures as I wanted but plan to do a better, more fitting photoshoot soon. I always find it hard to get the best images  when the conventions are so packed (always people in the way or most of the interesting spots are taken). I absolutely loved Rydia on the stairs at the Hilton Anatole however every time we would get to snap a picture, a million people would start walking and we would have to move but I am at least happy we got one shot. Anyway, definitely a more interesting, magical photoshoot coming soon.

If interested I do have a Facebook page I have made dedicated to my costumes and WIP. You can find me here.

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Collaboration with Vincent Cantillon

Just wanted to share some photos of me modeling a mask by Vincent Cantillon. As I have written before, I can’t say enough about his masks. Extremely well crafted, and gorgeous. I am now a happy owner of both a black and white one. Hoping to eventually add red to my collection as well as some of his headpieces!

Costume was made and designed by me. All photos were taken by my talented boyfriend  but edited by Vincent Cantillon.  It was  such a pleasure collaborating with him..

For more of his mask please visit his art page.

You can find my art (art dolls/sculpts , modeling, costumes) on my art page.

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OOAK Art Doll Althaea

My newest art doll is now for sale in my Etsy shop.

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Art Doll for sale

I was hoping to finish my purple doll today, as well as  begin some new work, however I have been miserablly stuck in bed, bundled up along with my 4 cats.. Locked in my bedroom with 2 heaters, it will not get any warmer than 60 degrees in this old crap above ground wooden house that I live in. When I walk in my kitchen and living room (which is also my work area) I can literally see my breathe so I dare not go in their if I can help it. Everything I touch in their feels like ice. I am so extremely bored since I am a very energetic person and it is becoming torture to sit here and not be able to work on anything. So I decided why not pass the time and write a quick blog entry for the day. I don’t have any new works to share so I decided to share a few of my older dolls that are still waiting for homes.

Here are a few of my dolls that are for sale.

“Lady In White”.

She is one of my gothic halloween dolls that is fully sculpted in air dry clay. I absolutely love lace and pearls so I had a lot of fun designing her costume as well as individually stitching all the little pearl beads. She is one of my favorite dolls that I have created and parting with this one is going to be tough!

Lady in white testIMG_1627Lady in white

Circus Performer

I created this doll for the Art Doll quarterly circus challenge and am so excited to have received my copy  yesterday. She is shown in the spring 2014 edition.

2 3 circus performer

Seraphine, fire fairy

Seraphine is my newest doll. I decided  to go a bit more fantasy on this one after being inspired by all the beautiful fairy costumes I saw at the Texas Renaissance festival. I also decided to give this one eyes(I often leave them solid white or black) however after a few people critiqued me on this I decided to give her the eyeballs. I am glad I did because I think it works well for her and gives her a bit more life. I also experimented using yarn for hair rather than my regular use of viscose. I am always looking for new things to use and lately I have had a bit of a yarn obsession so I had a lot of fun collecting some new pretty colors. I have a few planned for some future dolls as well so I am excited about making those very soon.

IMG_7910 full med seraphine fire fairy

Unicorn Girl

I love both gothic style and fantasy. Even though I am often drawn to darker works I also tend to go through periods where I want things to be magical and colorful (as seen clearly in my newer works). This also tends to be determined by my mood (which changes often) or my interest at the time.  For this one I was working on a unicorn inspired costume  (for the Texas Renaissance Festival) at the same time I started this doll ( I LOVE unicorns by the way) . Since I was in unicorn mode at the time I decided that is what this doll would become. Well not literally a unicorn…but inspired by…….

IMG_5651 IMG_5227 Unicorn girl

The Bride

I really love this sculpt. I was looking at a lot of gothic architecture at the time and thought it would be cool to design a doll using some designs from some of the churches.(an idea I would like to play with a bit more). I also love vampires so that is what she was inspired to be. For this sculpt I used polymer clay rather than the Air dry as I find I am able to get more intricate details. Looking back through my polymer dolls I am really inspired to create some more of them. I walked away from polymer a while back after my hands and wrist started giving me problems so I am only able to do a limited amount of these sculpts.

IMG_0259 IMG_0216

The Bride






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