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Alice and Tea set Necklace

My Alice and tea set inspired necklace is now for sale in my Etsy shop. All pieces (Alice face, tea cups, teapot and beads) are hand sculpted and strung on hand knotted satin ribbon. I do not use molds in my works.



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Here are a few jewelry pieces that I have created for some recent local events. Some of them have been sold already but I still have a few pieces available in my Etsy shop.  I will most likely be taking a month off from my doll making to focus on my costumes (which need to be completed for June) so this month will also be dedicated to jewelry pieces.

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OOAK art doll face Giveaway

I will be participating in a group giveaway starting Tuesday, Jan 28th. You could win this OOAK art doll face necklace or other works from participating artists. Follow my Facebook art page for more information.  Feel free to share my page with your friends as well to help promote the contest! 🙂

ooak art doll face artdollface45

Participating artists include:

Majesticthorns-ooak art dolls/jewelry

Jess the mask maker (Her masks are amazing!! I am lucky to own 2 of them) She also does some cool headpieces!!

Baubles & Blessings Jewelry

White Oak Mountain Apothecary Handcrafted herbal remedies

Dragon and Phoenix Wire trees and jewelry

Krafting with Krystals Toys and Healing crystals

Quietmoon Reflections Stuffed creatures/Machine embroidery/Handknitted/crochet items

Candles and Herbs Wiccan art


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OOAK Art Doll Face Necklaces

I am working on several new necklace pieces all inspired by my older polymer clay art dolls. Unfortunately, I don’t get to work much with polymer clay as I used to, since I have been having some wrist issues and all the kneading  of the clay tends to aggravate it. However, I miss being able to do all the detailed things with it so I hate to give it up entirely. I decided small necklace pieces would have to do for now. Plus it’s nice to take a shift from dolls to jewelry so that I can have a bit of variety in my work. So I hope to be posting several different colors and styles, as well as the option to do a custom necklace in the colors of your choice. None of the pieces that I make will be identical, so each of them will truly be a OOAK.

If you are interested, feel free to head over to my Etsy  shop or my facebook page so you can see updates on new colors and styles.

All are sculpted from Fimo Puppen clay, painted in acrylic paints and attached  to multiple satin ribbons which I braid, or knot together. They are all attached to either a large flower or gathered lace. The hair is made of Kanekalon fibers or viscose (depending on what I have available). If you are interested in custom pieces I can add just about anything you want. I can add makeup designs to the faces, jewels, flowers, glitter, or if you have any other ideas, I can work with you to incorporate them into the design. Once again this all determines what I have available at the time.

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OOAK Custom Art Doll Face Necklace

If you are interested in a custom necklace, please visit my etsy shop. I have several different hair colors and ribbon colors available. Each piece is hand sculpted so the faces  may vary slightly. Each piece is about 4″, made of cernit clay and finalized with a high quality gloss varnish for protection.

This is a custom piece that I recently did for a customer of mine.  I love the hair color choices . So bright and colorful!!



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New Jewelry

I will be selling some of my new jewelry and art prints at Artmosphere, a cute little cafe/bar in Lafayette, La. Anything that doesn’t sell will be sold in my Etsy shop.

Here are a few:

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OOAK Art Doll Face Necklace “Purple”

OOAK art doll face necklace in purple now for sale in my Etsy shop. More colors coming soon.


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