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I had started this doll with the intention of having her completed for Easter but got so side tracked with the commission wedding dress as well as my own personal costumes. She is now completed and up in my Etsy shop waiting for a home. As always, layaway is available and I can break payments up to help make her easier to afford.

As with all my dolls, she is 100% handmade with no use of molds. Many hours and much love have gone into their construction. All pieces are original works that cannot be duplicated.

You can follow more of my work and progress on my art page.


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Dark Elf Art Doll WIP

Every year around March/April I start to really get into cosplay mode, researching character inspiration, cosplay ideas and preparing for upcoming cons. I think that is why I felt the sudden urge to make a dark elf inspired character. In fact, I also have several other doll ideas inspired by some of my favorite characters. Currently I am working on a Rydia costume from Final Fantasy and have been dying to make a doll inspired by her.

I chose to experiment with a dark elf after finding some old scraps of leather I had plus I wanted to play around with painting an unusual skin color.  I also wanted to step out of my normal pattern and experiment with new ideas. I am absolutely loving this doll and having so much fun creating her.  I think the idea of cutting, painting and layering leather opens new possibilities for my future dolls and I definitely plan to try to make more elaborate pieces using this method.

If you enjoy my art dolls please show your support and follow my art page. I post daily updates and wip. You can also view more of my finished works.

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Cheshire Cat Art Doll

She has been sold and is currently on a long journey to the UK. 🙂


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OOAK Cheshire Cat Art Doll Wip

After creating my Alice and Queen of Hearts dolls, I decided to continue on with the Alice in wonderland theme. Cheshire cat is one of my favorite characters and since I just finished working on a faun inspired doll, I decided to experiment more with the idea of humans with animal features.  I loved sculpting the hooves on my previous faun doll so I knew I definitely wanted to give this one little cat feet with tiny sharp claws. So far, I think she is one of my favorites that I have created.

I have plans to eventually create more Alice themed dolls. Someone recently suggested the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dum. I also have an idea for a caterpillar girl that I really hope to do soon.

For more of my works  please visit my art page.

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Faun/Satyr Commission Art Doll WIP

I am really enjoying working on this commission doll. She is my first time working on a custom piece and I can’t help but think back to my college days of being given assignments.I love that it helps me to think outside of what I would normally do. It forces me to experiment with new materials and ideas. So far this is one of my favorite pieces.

Please follow my art page for updates.

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My newest sculpts  inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They were both hand sculpted using Cernit doll clay over strong wire armatures, hand painted in acrylics and varnished for color protection. Both have been sold.

You can follow my art dolls, costumes and works in progress on my art page.

I plan to make some more Alice inspired dolls soon. For now here is the Queen of Hearts and Alice.

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New sculpts WIP

I am currently working on some new pieces.

My two polymer sculpts are both inspired by Alice in wonderland and my stuffed doll is somewhat  inspired by my favorite character Tira from Soul Caliber.

Please follow my art page for more updates. I have lots of new doll ideas that I will be working on. I will be sharing my progress as they are painted and brought to life!

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