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Art Doll with antlers and lace

I have been super busy working on a commission wedding dress (which I admit I am so happy to have out of my hands) as well as personal costumes for upcoming conventions  that I had put away my clay for a short period of time.  I believe its been about 3 months  since my last doll and I am happy to be back sculpting. My head is filled with lots of new ideas and I have been going back to some of my old sketches which I am using for inspiration.

I am really excited about the direction of her that I have decided I will create a costume for myself based off this design (that is if my mind doesn’t drift to something else as it often does)  Hoping to have it ready for my September/October Ren fair that I go to every year.

Anyway I still have a bit of work to do on her but hope to have ready for sale soon. You can follow my work and progress (which I love to share) on my art page.


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Vampire Art Doll

My favorite time of the year is halloween and I had a lot of plans for many themed dolls however unexpected life changes threw me off track and I am now behind. So far I have only been able to create my vampire doll but I still have plenty of time to at least do one or 2 more in time for  halloween. I recently had an idea for a  Beetlejuice inspired doll so hopefully I will be able to get to start working on that one very soon.

My vampire art doll is my newest one and has just been listed  for sale in my Etsy shop.  As always layaway is available so you can always message me about breaking up payments. For more of my dolls and works in progress on each piece please visit my art page.

She is hand sculpted using cernit clay without any molds so is truly a unique piece. Everything from the eyes to the costume is handmade with love, and lots of time has gone into her construction.

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Snow White Art Doll

I created Snow White for the Fairy Tale challenge for Art Doll Quarterly magazine and excited to share that she has been accepted and will be shown in the February 2016 edition. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local bookstore and show support to this wonderful magazine!!

She has been sold so will not be listed in my shop. Feel free to check out my art page for many news dolls that I will be creating.  I love sharing in progress pics so you are able to see them as they come to life.

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Gothic Demon Art Doll

I am a little late on posting this one. She has already been sold so I will not be listing in my shop. For more of my works and my daily works in progress please visit my art page.

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Gothic Demon Art Doll WIP

I recently told myself I needed to step up on my dolls, and push myself harder to perfect them, particularly on the faces. Faces have always been the biggest challenge for me (mostly setting the eyes even) so I really tried to focus on this one, trying my best to be as symmetrical as possible. I created my own eyes (using clay and sun curing epoxy) rather than just painting them straight onto the dolls and I am happy with this decision as I find it gives her more life. This is something I will definitely be continuing with on my future dolls. Another thing I experimented with, although nothing to get too overjoyed about, is curling her hair. I know its rather simple but to me it was exciting to transform pieces of straight fibers into beautiful curls, something I plan to do more often. Perhaps soon I will even hand dye my own fibers.

I am very pleased with the direction she is going.. I currently have cosplay on my mind (because it is that time of the year for me) so I was thinking about my last costume which was gothic lolita-ish, full of ruffles and lace and also had devil horns. I used this as inspiration for her however wanted the hair to be bright red rather than black.  I was also thinking back on  my recent  trip to A-kon where I got to meet Huang Shan (RingDoll ..doll maker from China) and all of his dark,gothic dolls. While at A-kon I had also attended a class on Victorian mourning customs and traditions and their attire so I also had that in the back of my mind when creating this doll.

I still have a bit of work to do on her, such as sculpting the rest of her limbs (yes sometimes I work in a weird order), creating shoes, working on something for her head and finishing the remainder of her costume. I may also add a few more details and beadwork here and there.

Usually I list my dolls in my Etsy shop, however someone has already contacted me about purchasing her, so she will not be available for sale. I do have lots more dolls that I will be making and will be sharing my progress so if interested you can follow my work here.

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Caterpillar Inspired Art Doll

I wanted to continue on with my Alice in wonderland themed dolls and had a vision for my version of the caterpillar. In the end,  the doll took a slightly different turn than my original sketch/idea  however sometimes I just start with a basic idea and let them guide me where they want to go. I can still, however see the caterpillar influence. I am very happy with how she turned out.

She is sculpted using cernit clay. Her hair is alpaca hair that was hand dyed green. This was not done by me but by the owner of the small farm that I purchased from. She is painted in acrylics, and sealed with a varnish for color protection.

For more of my art dolls please visit my art page. I post daily updates, and works in progress. I hope to continue with my Alice in wonderland theme. I have some visions for a mad hatter, white rabbit and maybe even a tweedle dee/tweedle dum. You can also view my alice, cheshire cat and queen of hearts there as well.

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Dark Elf Art Doll

My dark elf doll is now finished and  can be found in my Etsy shop.

She has been inspired by my love of fantasy, anime, and video games.

OOAK ribbon jointed art doll hand sculpted over a strong, sturdy armature. No molds are ever used in my art. All work begins with a strong wire armature, a lump of clay and a sketch/idea. Much love and many many hours go into their constructions. Each one of my dolls is truly a ooak and can not be duplicated.

She measures approximately 18″ from head to toe and 10″ when seated.

Made with cernit doll clay, painted in acrylics and varnished for protection. Her costume is made from fishnet and many layers of hand cut leather. Each individual piece has been painted in purple and white and finished with a varnish.
Her hair is white viscose.

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