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Grim Reaper Art Doll

I am finally getting back to working on new dolls. Lately I have been so busy with commission costumes that I had to slow down on my sculpting but I am near completion on my last commission…..just in time to start some pieces for halloween (my favorite time of the year!)

My grim reaper  is now completed and for sale in my Etsy shop!  Like all my dolls, she is 100% handmade without use of any molds. I have hand sculpted all the little skulls and details on her head and chest.  I use cernit clay (which I have found is the strongest of all polymers) and she is built over a carefully constructed wire based armature. She is painted in acrylics, and varnished for color protection. She stand about 15″ high and is not posable. Her eyes were also handmade by me.

For more of my works please visit my art page where I love to share my progress of each doll.




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Mad as a March Hare

I had often wondered about the term “Mad as a march hare” and after researching I became inspired to make this piece. Basically March is the breeding season for hares and it is during this time in which they display a mad and unpredictable odd  behavior, such as boxing with each other for dominance. It gave me the idea in which the female held the dominance, much like that of a black widow, or a preying mantis. In the process of attempting to mate with her, she fights back, leaving nothing but spilled blood and a pile of bones. I guess that sounds rather harsh, but that is honest story behind this piece. I added the ruff to give her a sense of royalty and power, and I decided golds and reds were appropriate colors for the theme.

polymer clay/ cernit

Mad as a March Hare

She is now for sale on my etsy shop:


She is hand sculpted over a strong wire and aluminum foil armature, using cernit clay. She stands approximately 7″ high when taken off her wooden base. To protect her, she has been sealed in a gloss varnish.

ooak polymer sculpt

Mad as a March hare

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