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Gothic Blue

My newest art doll is now available in my Etsy shop.

Her body is fabric stuffed with poly fill and her arms and face are sculpted in clay. She measures 24.5″ long and 12.5″ seated.

Follow my Facebook page for more of my dolls and WIP! Since Mardi Gras is almost here in the South, I decided to make a few fun dolls inspired by it. Pictures coming soon.


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Happy New Years

I am a little late, but Happy New Years to all. Hope 2016 is a productive year for everyone. Things have been a little slow moving on my end due to a lot of life changes going on but I plan for things  to pick up soon. Please follow my art page for more progress as I tend to update  much more than I do my blog.

Here is a doll I started a month ago and am finally now able to get back to. She is near completion and will be available for sale sometime next week.

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OOAK art doll face Giveaway

I will be participating in a group giveaway starting Tuesday, Jan 28th. You could win this OOAK art doll face necklace or other works from participating artists. Follow my Facebook art page for more information.  Feel free to share my page with your friends as well to help promote the contest! 🙂

ooak art doll face artdollface45

Participating artists include:

Majesticthorns-ooak art dolls/jewelry

Jess the mask maker (Her masks are amazing!! I am lucky to own 2 of them) She also does some cool headpieces!!

Baubles & Blessings Jewelry

White Oak Mountain Apothecary Handcrafted herbal remedies

Dragon and Phoenix Wire trees and jewelry

Krafting with Krystals Toys and Healing crystals

Quietmoon Reflections Stuffed creatures/Machine embroidery/Handknitted/crochet items

Candles and Herbs Wiccan art


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