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Art Doll with antlers and lace

I have been super busy working on a commission wedding dress (which I admit I am so happy to have out of my hands) as well as personal costumes for upcoming conventions  that I had put away my clay for a short period of time.  I believe its been about 3 months  since my last doll and I am happy to be back sculpting. My head is filled with lots of new ideas and I have been going back to some of my old sketches which I am using for inspiration.

I am really excited about the direction of her that I have decided I will create a costume for myself based off this design (that is if my mind doesn’t drift to something else as it often does)  Hoping to have it ready for my September/October Ren fair that I go to every year.

Anyway I still have a bit of work to do on her but hope to have ready for sale soon. You can follow my work and progress (which I love to share) on my art page.


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Snow White Art Doll

I created Snow White for the Fairy Tale challenge for Art Doll Quarterly magazine and excited to share that she has been accepted and will be shown in the February 2016 edition. Be sure to pick up a copy at your local bookstore and show support to this wonderful magazine!!

She has been sold so will not be listed in my shop. Feel free to check out my art page for many news dolls that I will be creating.  I love sharing in progress pics so you are able to see them as they come to life.

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Goddess Art Doll

My newest doll is now complete and listed in my shop

You can view more of my works and progress pics of all my dolls here.

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Goddess Art Doll Wip

Another doll that I am currently working on.

This is a doll that I had sculpted a while back, experimenting with my own handmade eyes. I put her aside and got busy on other projects and wasn’t sure if I would ever return to her nor what direction I wanted to go. Finally I got around to giving her some life and I decided to just play around and let her guide me. No planning, just playing and being completely spontanious. Sometimes I really enjoy it that way.

I had some leftover gold trim from a previous costume so began to wrap her hair. From their I began to see her as some sort of goddess. I then envisioned her simply in gold and white dress….

You can follow more of my dolls and costumes here.

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Aneira, Snow Queen

My second custom piece, Aneira (which means Snow in Welsh).

I was sent a drawing from one of my return customers who asked me if I could bring this to life.  Drawings, as well as detailed descriptions are always the most helpful when making custom pieces because it allows me to see the vision that the person has in there head. She allowed me the freedom to experiment and do my own interpretation of her drawing however indicated that she definitely wanted to keep the colors in silver and white, wanted the hair pulled up, and wanted me to incorporate ice both on the costume and on the body.  She then decided that she would like me to add horns and feathers along the skirt and if possible some form of wings. I sent her images throughout the process to make sure she was happy with the direction I was going. It was quite a fun process for both of us. I love the fact that custom pieces always give me new challenges.

If you are interested in a custom doll please feel free to contact me for more information. You can see more of my dolls here.

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My newest sculpts  inspired by Alice in Wonderland. They were both hand sculpted using Cernit doll clay over strong wire armatures, hand painted in acrylics and varnished for color protection. Both have been sold.

You can follow my art dolls, costumes and works in progress on my art page.

I plan to make some more Alice inspired dolls soon. For now here is the Queen of Hearts and Alice.

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Collaboration with Vincent Cantillon

Just wanted to share some photos of me modeling a mask by Vincent Cantillon. As I have written before, I can’t say enough about his masks. Extremely well crafted, and gorgeous. I am now a happy owner of both a black and white one. Hoping to eventually add red to my collection as well as some of his headpieces!

Costume was made and designed by me. All photos were taken by my talented boyfriend  but edited by Vincent Cantillon.  It was  such a pleasure collaborating with him..

For more of his mask please visit his art page.

You can find my art (art dolls/sculpts , modeling, costumes) on my art page.

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