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Art Doll with antlers and lace

I have been super busy working on a commission wedding dress (which I admit I am so happy to have out of my hands) as well as personal costumes for upcoming conventions  that I had put away my clay for a short period of time.  I believe its been about 3 months  since my last doll and I am happy to be back sculpting. My head is filled with lots of new ideas and I have been going back to some of my old sketches which I am using for inspiration.

I am really excited about the direction of her that I have decided I will create a costume for myself based off this design (that is if my mind doesn’t drift to something else as it often does)  Hoping to have it ready for my September/October Ren fair that I go to every year.

Anyway I still have a bit of work to do on her but hope to have ready for sale soon. You can follow my work and progress (which I love to share) on my art page.


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Goddess Art Doll Wip

Another doll that I am currently working on.

This is a doll that I had sculpted a while back, experimenting with my own handmade eyes. I put her aside and got busy on other projects and wasn’t sure if I would ever return to her nor what direction I wanted to go. Finally I got around to giving her some life and I decided to just play around and let her guide me. No planning, just playing and being completely spontanious. Sometimes I really enjoy it that way.

I had some leftover gold trim from a previous costume so began to wrap her hair. From their I began to see her as some sort of goddess. I then envisioned her simply in gold and white dress….

You can follow more of my dolls and costumes here.

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New sculpts WIP

I am currently working on some new pieces.

My two polymer sculpts are both inspired by Alice in wonderland and my stuffed doll is somewhat  inspired by my favorite character Tira from Soul Caliber.

Please follow my art page for more updates. I have lots of new doll ideas that I will be working on. I will be sharing my progress as they are painted and brought to life!

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Sakizou Geisha and Mermaid costume WIP

One month until A-kon so I have been focusing a lot of my time trying to get my two costumes completed. I am very proud of myself for not waiting until the last minute like I often do. Yes, I admit I am highly guilty of being a last minute person. Sometimes I tend to work better under the pressure however for these two costumes I knew there would be a lot of hand painting involved and didn’t want to stress myself out like I usually do. I am also excited that so far I have hardly bought a thing for these costumes. My goal for them was to  improvise using things  I already had on hand so I wouldn’t have to make a lot of trips to the fabric shop like I normally do. Not to mention that right now money is a bit tight and me and my boyfriend share a car so I wanted to make this process as stress free as possible. Anyway I am just excited about my progress and that I have a little less than a  month left and I am very close to being done. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a lot  more to do, mainly on the mermaid  but I will NOT be working in the hotel room like I do every year. I am refusing to let that happen. My goal is to have this done a week before the con (something that in all of my years of cosplaying has not happened yet)….seriously. I literally always have something that I am working on in the hotel room.

So here are the  costumes I am working on. Both are designs from the artist Sakizou, and I have done my own interpretations of them.

I love all of Sakizou’s designs and their are a large handful of them that I would love to recreate but for some reason this Geisha image really stood out to me. My only regret is that I didn’t use a deeper red for the costume but like I said earlier, this was the only red I had available so I am working with what I have here. I  have almost everything complete on this one minus a few details here and there,  the other arm piece (which I am dreading b/c I hate making duplicates of things), some more details on the headpiece (such as the chopsticks and some more hanging beads) and figuring out what I want to do with the lower half of the body (shoes, stockings?). I need to order a red umbrella and was contemplating painting some designs to compliment the costume (if I have the time) and also need to purchase some white powder, eye makeup and some red lipstick. Very excited about the face makeup.

All the details were hand painted and the wig was also designed by me.

My second costume is a mermaid and yes I guess that is going to be odd having a walking mermaid however I just loved this design and the colors so much that I really wanted to do it. I have changed the colors up a bit and simplified the headpiece and wig.

All the scales are hand cut and painted and taking FOREVER! So far their are over a 100 and I still have a lot more space to fill. The repetition is starting to kill me however I hope it is worth it in the end. This is not a good choice for an impatient gemini but I have to finish the job. I still have a bit more to do on this one but luckily I have the majority of the Geisha out the way so I can focus on this one.


Hoping to complete the tail inspired skirt this week and finish all the details on the bra. Like the geisha, I am very excited about the makeup design on the face….especially the purple lipstick. 🙂

Doll making will continue when I return from the convention so be ready…I have some new ideas developing. 







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Blue and Green Doll wip

I have been so busy working on costumes as well as pieces for some local events, that I have been neglecting my doll making. I felt like I was starting to have withdrawals so I had to start creating a new life. I am getting back to the point where I am a bit bored of these dolls with stuffed bodies, and am ready to go back to making some full clay dolls (both in polymer and air dry) so that will be my next few projects. As for now, this is the doll I am working on. When I started this one I had the intention of creating a doll inspired by the moon, however as hard as I tried she just wasn’t wanting to go that direction, so perhaps that will be a future doll.  I was a but unsure about her at first (as I often am with most of my work) but after playing around with colors, I am very pleased with how she is turning out.  She now just needs one more hand sculpted, and she will be almost done and ready for a new home. In the meantime here are some WIP pics.












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Dolls 2014

Finally started my first two dolls of 2014. I have to say this year started off pretty positive with a lot of inspiration and non stop working. I was greeted with  a nice high and for several weeks I  have just been focusing, staying up and  producing. I started on a few new costumes  that I will be working on throughout the year,  as well as two new dolls which I am feeling really excited about. For a while I kind of just hit a dead end and lost all inspiration so I am grateful that my creativity has started to flow again.

After going to Texas Renaissance festival in late November, my mind began to overflow with new ideas. I was feeling so inspired by the costume I was making,  the costumes I saw, the fairies and their beautiful glittery  wings, and just the  feeling of being in another world. I was introduced to a cute, cozy little doll shop filled with lots of color and magic. The owner was an amazing doll artist (Wee People Doll Constructions)  and her enthusiasm about the doll world really inspired me. But what really inspired me was the advice she gave me, “You create your own universe. If you want something you have to ask for it and the universe will give it to you.”….well it was something along those lines. She stressed about keeping your mind clear and focusing on the one thing that you are trying to accomplish. After that I felt that I had to begin pushing myself harder with my works, which means producing more, experimenting more, and not giving up on this passion of mine. Unfortunately a month went by. I ended up with the flu and then Christmas kind of pushed me behind so I got nothing accomplished. But finally I had to force myself get back in the zone, and luckily I am feeling confident right now and trying to keep myself feeling that way.

I kept thinking about this doll artist I met and how I was so drawn to her unique use of yarn…particularly as hair. It’s an idea I had wanted to play with for a long time but just never did. I have been learning to crochet so I happened to have a box full of beautiful yarn that I have been collecting and when  I saw this purple and red I immediately  thought DOLL HAIR.  Several images flooded into my mind about future dolls that I wanted to create. Since Ren Fest was not so long ago, I still have fairies on the brain (b/c I saw so many lovely fairy costumes) so  I was really inspired to give them wings. I will probably do a series similar in this style because I am having so much fun with them. Here are a few WIP pics of them. I hope to have them completed very soon. You can follow more of my progress work here.


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New Works in Progress

Just a quick entry to share a few things that I am working on right now.

Premier Stone Clay Doll. I am still a bit new to air dry clays and have only completed a few dolls using this material.  Sometimes I really hate it and sometimes I love it. I still prefer my polymer clay since I find it easier to add details however I love the way this clay sands so smooth and allows me to create larger pieces.

I was really lacking motivation when making this piece and I had no direction nor sketch so I just decided to experiment with her. This is all I have completed so far but hope to be done within the next few days.


After working with air dry clay all week , I think I am ready to go back to polymer clay. This is a quick rough sketch I did for my next sculpt. I still have a bit more planning to do however this is what I have so far. She will be my next project.

And last…..a new drawing, soon to be painted.


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