Soul Calibur Cosplay: Tira and Amy

Wow. It has literally been about 3 months since I have posted (or even produced) any dolls or sculpts.  However, I promise you I have an excuse. 3 months ago, I  began to realize that A-kon was just around the corner  and I hadn’t even began to start on my costumes. For those of you unfamiliar, A-kon is an anime convention in Dallas, Texas. (Yes, I dress up as cartoon characters too ). This year I dreamt pretty big. I had two detailed costumes planned, (Tira from Soul Calibur and another character from Shunya Yamashita artworks) and I had this crazy idea that I was going to finish both of them. Not to mention I had to produce yet another costume for my sister. Somehow I thought it was possible to complete 3 costumes in a 3 month period. It probably could have been possible but it seemed this year, many obstacles decided to get in the way (but I am not even getting started on that). Anyway, due to my focus on my costumes (one which ended unfinished), my dolls and sculpts have been neglected, but I promise you new works will be produced very soon.

In the meantime, here is some of what I have been working on for the past 3 months. Both of these costumes were made by me, with a few exceptions to the purple costume. (I made the costume, and skirt and my sister finished it off with the last details such as adding the  lace, sculpting the details, adding buttons, and roses)

For those of you not familiar, this  costume is Tira from Soul Calibur 4. (My sister is cosplaying Amy from Soul Calibur). Weapon was also made by me, however I am aware that it is in need of major improvement. Much of it’s painting was completed last minute in the hotel room.


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